Excellware partners with Cisco to provide reliable networking products to keep your network up and running.  We use, sell, configure, and support products from Meraki product line.  These are more reliable and scalable than the consumer grade products.


A router is used to connect your office network to the internet and enables users to browse the internet.  It also allows your office staff to connect to your server in the cloud.  Proper router configuration restricts access to your office network from unauthorized users.

Ethernet Switches

Ethernet Switches are used to connect all network devices including PCs, Macs, Printers, Telephones, Video Cameras, and Servers.  Switches typically have 5, 8, 16, 24, or 48 ports.  Ethernet speeds of 100 and 1000 megabits/second are available.  Most devices today support 1000 Mbps.  Switches can be unmanaged or managed.  You can monitor and configure a managed switch.  Some switches include Power Over Ethernet (POE) which enables devices including wireless access points and telephones to obtain their power from the switch instead of a separate AC adapter.  Some switches can be rack mounted.

Excellware sells Cisco Ethernet Switches with all combinations of features described above.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points are used to enable wireless devices such as laptop computers, Dynascan handheld computers, printers, and even some desktop computers to connect to the network without a wired ethernet cable.  Although wireless connections are still somewhat slower than a wired connection, they are often adequate for most applications.

Excellware sells a wide array of Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Points.  Although some router models include a wireless access point, you may need additional units in your showroom or warehouse to insure adequate coverage for Dynascan purchase order receiving, physical inventory and perhaps for guest access.