Excellware wants to be your source for all your technology products.

Equipment Racks

We provide 2-post and 4-post racks to organize all your equipment.  2-post racks support tower based servers, and 4-post racks support rack mount servers where space is at a premium.  Racks can also support routers, ethernet switches, keyboard-video-monitor (KVM) switches, ethernet patch panels, power strips, monitor & keyboard shelves, cable organizers, and even rack-mounted uninterruptible power supplies.

Excellware also provides patch panels for termination of ethernet cables and wall mounted racks for locations that just need a patch panel and ethernet switch.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

A UPS provides battery backup power for short durations when the AC power shuts off.  Some models also provide power quality for protection against brown-outs, harmonic distortion, power surges, and other power abnormalities.

Servers should always be connected to a UPS so that there is no data loss or data corruption should power be lost while saving information to disc.

Excellware provides Uninterruptible Power Supplies and replacement batteries by APC and Eaton.