The following are some of the basic functions that will get you started in using the RingCentral phone system efficiently for routine tasks. A cheat sheet has also been created for common tasks requiring specific key sequences.

Making Calls

It is not necessary to dial a "9" or a "1" when placing a call, even outside of the 440 area code. Simply dial the number with area code and press the "Dial" soft key if you have not yet picked the handset up from the cradle.

Navigating Missed, Taken, or Placed Calls

Using the direction wheel located on the desktop phone:

Left*:  View incoming call history
Right:  View outgoing call history
Down:  View missed call history
Up:  View favorites**

*Note that you can press the Left direction to "go back" from any menu item.
**RingCentral does not currently transfer favorites from app to phone. Currently being addressed.

Transferring a Call

While on a call:

Warm (or soft) transfer
  1. Press the "Trnsfr" softkey
  2. Dial an extension
  3. Introduce the call to your fellow employee
  4. Press "Trnsfr" once again and hang up

Cold (or blind) tranfer
  1. Press the Trnsfr softkey
  2. Dial an extension
  3. Press the Send softkey
  4. Hang up the phone

Transfer Directly to Voicemail
  1. Press the "Trnsfr" softkey
  2. Dial *0
  3. Dial an extension
  4. Hang up phone

Voicemail Greetings

Voicemail greetings can be applied to your extension by logging in to the RingCentral website. Under the Settings tab, select "Messages & Notifications". You can keep a default greeting or record your own using the telephone. It is also possible to upload a greeting you have recorded as an mp3 file. The latter method has proven to have much higher fidelity when recorded with a USB microphone. Note you can also create different greetings here as well for business hours and after-hours.

Note the voicemail greeting differs from the user greeting, which, if activated, is played for a caller while your extension is ringing.

You may want to re-record your greeting if you are going on vacation or otherwise intend to be away from the office for an extended time. (See next section on Temporary Rules)

Call Forwarding & Temporary Rules

You can log in from anywhere and set your extension to automatically forward to another if, for instance, you are out sick. This is done under the Call Handling & Forwarding section of the Settings tab. Note that an administrator can also do this for the employee who is unexpectedly away from work following the same procedures for the extension in the Admin Portal.

Temporary rules may also work in place of changing your voicemail greeting and can be set to forward calls for a predetermined time period. Under your extension's Settings tab, choose Call Handling & Forwarding, select the Advanced link at the top of the box. Create a new rule and you will be presented with the option to name the rule and whether the rule will be based on date/time, caller ID, or which number the caller has dialed.

As an example, let's suppose you will be on vacation all next week. Choose "Date and/or Time" and click next. Specify a specific date ranges for your vacation (e.g. 8am Monday through 5pm Friday). In the next step you can choose what happens when people call you during this date/time range: forward the calls to someone else or a group of people, send the caller straight to voicemail with a custom greeting, play a message and then disconnect the call, or skip straight to a forwarding number without a greeting. If you choose an option with voicemail, you will be given the option to record a custom voicemail greeting for the date/time range of your rule.

Rebooting Your Phone

Sometime you may need to reboot your desktop phone. Short of unplugging the ethernet cable, you can following steps, which will work regardless of the phone version you have.

  1. Navigate to the settings menu, which is either accessed from the home screen or from the "Settings" button on your phone.
  2. Choose "Advanced..." and enter password for the phone. Default password is 123.
  3. Choose "Reboot Phone..."

System-Wide Settings

In addition to changing settings to a user extension, an administrator can also change the main operator line using the Admin Portal. This includes greetings for incoming calls and voicemails, forwarding, ring senquences, etc. If you are an administrator, log in to RingCentral's site as normal and choose "Admin Portal in the orange box at the top of the page.  Under the Users section of the Settings page, choose the main extension for incoming calls and edit the options as above.