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Dynamo is our flagship product that can help your business grow.  Whether you have 2 or 2,000 employees, Dynamo can help you get there.  If you've outgrown that software-in-a-box but can't afford the high-end ERP software, then take a look at Dynamo by Excellware — the company that will help you with the implementation every step of the way.

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Inquiry Functions

Dynamo collects and saves a lot of information and presents this information in a well-organized fashion with minimal keystrokes.  You can find orders, invoices, quotes, items, customers, vendors, and more with drill-down capabilities so you don't need to write things down as you search.

Sales Order Processing

This application is used to manage quotations, orders, and invoices for customers.  Dynamo makes it quick to select orders for a customer, salesperson, branch or warehouse.  Most recent transactions always float to the top, but even the oldest transaction is only a few keystrokes away.

Point of Sale

Quickly enter orders with a minimum of keystrokes while customers are present in your store or at your sales counter.  Print and/or email receipts.  Save customer information including email addresses for your marketing efforts.  Ask about our tablet based POS app so your clerks can walk through your store with your customers and quickly prepare quotes and sales.

Purchase Order Processing

This application is used to create, maintain, and receive products that you buy and resell.  Print, email, or fax purchase orders right from Dynamo.  Create a purchase order manually, or let Dynamo create one for a vendor based on your past sales experience and current inventory levels. 

Transfer Order Processing

Transfer Orders are used to move inventory between your warehouses, stores, and distribution centers.  Transfer Orders can be created manually or automatically to replenish inventory sold or to achieve desired stocking levels.

Accounts Receivable

Your accounts receivable is another of your largest assets.  Dynamo accurately tracks who owes what and makes it easy to process customer payments.  You can print, email or fax a customer statement including all past due invoices with the click of a button.

Inventory Control

Your inventory is one of your largest assets.  You need to have the right products in stock at the right time to meet customer demands.  Dynamo can help you achieve the right balance.


Dynamo integrates seamlessly with Magento, a leading eCommerce platform.  Items marked for sale on your web site are updated in Magento automatically along with all price changes and inventory availability.  And of course orders created by your online customers are automatically imported into Dynamo for fast fulfillment.

Fixed Asset Accounting

Compute depreciation on all of your fixed assets including your rental fleet and automatically post to the General Ledger.

Accounts Payable

Dynamo Accounts Payable is tightly integrated with Purchase Order Processing to link invoices to receipts and make it easy to pay your bills.  Print one rush check on demand with just a few keystrokes, or manage multiple payment batches simultaneously.

General Ledger

One of Dynamo's most important features is that all transactions are tightly integreated with the General Ledger.  This means that you can print accurate financial statements on the last day of each month with little or no manual journal entries.


So what makes Dynamo unique?

  • It just works
  • It's easy to use
  • It's fast & efficient
  • Like Prego the Spaghetti Sauce: "It's in there!"
  • It's scalable from a handful to thousands of users
  • It runs on your server or from the cloud
  • It's fully integrated to the General Ledger
  • We can customize it for your business
  • No risk, FREE TRIAL

What type of businesses can use Dynamo?

  • Retail Point-of-Sale
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Equipment Supply
  • Rental House
  • Serialized Products
  • Light Manufacturers
  • Auto & Truck Parts
  • Tire dealers
  • and your business too!

And who is Excellware and why do business with us?

  • Started in 2002 as successor to Computer/Dynamics, started in 1974.
  • We do what we say.
  • We go the extra mile.
  • We want you to succeed.
  • We make things simple.
  • We are a single source for all your IT needs: from PCs to servers, from printers to network gear, from phones to fax machines, from cables to printer toner, and from email to domain names.
  • Our help desk has real people who understand you.
  • We designed and wrote Dynamo, so we don't have to call California to get you an answer.


  • Dynamo - Excellware's comprehensive, fully integrated business application software
  • Dyanweb - Web based access to Dynamo data for your customers
  • Dynafax - Faxing from Dynamo without a fax machine, phone line, or other fax software
  • Dynastore - Cloud storage and retrieval for all Dynamo documents and reports
  • Dynastart - Launching Dynamo from a workstation without using a terminal emulator such as FacetWin or Powerterm
  • Dynascan - Paperless warehouse operation using hand-held scanning computers
  • Dynamine - Data mining of Dynamo data using third party report writing and business intelligence tools
  • Dynamo Tools - A comprehensive set of application development tools used to build Dynamo and other software products