Compute Font PCL Dots or Display Pixels

Last Revised: 07/21/16

This program is used to compute the number of dots or pixels required to print or display text.  For PCL printers, a dot is defined as 1/300th of an inch, even if the printer's resolution is different.

This program may be run or called. If run, then it is interactive and prompts the operator for the typeface, point size, and text, then computes and displays the number of dots required.

Calling format:



the numeric value of the typeface.  Each typeface has a numeric value assigned to it.  The character table information is stored in file CDSM80.  You can see what typeface numbers are available by using the file utility to display this file. The TYPEFACE field name in the CDSM80 Font Metrics file is called STYLE.

The most popular PCL TYPEFACE/STYLE is number 4148 for the Univers font.
The most popular display TYPEFACE/STYLE is number 65000 for the default Windows font used in GUI applications.

POINT To the point size of the text.  Normal text is 10 point
TEXT$ To the text used to determine the dots required
DOTS From the number of display pixels or PCL dots required for the TEXT$ provided