Send 'SP'/'CP' or SYSWINDOW equivalent

Last Revised: 05/30/11

This routine should be used whenever it is necessary to switch between standard format (80 columns) and wide format (132 or more columns).  By using CDS179 instead of simply printing 'SP' or 'CP', your application will also work using BBj thin client SYSWINDOW display.

When run from a BBj SYSWINDOW session, CDS179 will use a compatible font installed on the workstation, and for standard mode (80 columns), select the largest font, up to a font size of 30, that will fit on the display.  The user can override the default font, and select a smaller font size, using My Profile & Preferences on the SMS menu.

For BBj SYSWINDOW sessions, the wide format will use all available space on the display, setting the largest font that can display 132 columns and 25 rows.  But the actual rows and columns will be increased to use all available display space.  This could result in a display with 150 columns and 50 rows, for example.  The font used will be either the default font selected by CDS179, or the font specified in My Profile & Preferences, if installed on the current workstation.  The font size and window dimensions cannot by overridden from the computed values.

Calling Format:

CALL "CDS179", Y$, XP$ {, MAXWIN, SM08$ }

CDS179 Arguments
Argument Passed To/From Description
Y$ To Session Control Variable
XP$ To
'CP' Switch to wide format (132 or more columns)
'SP' Switch to standard format (80 columns)
MAXWIN To Pass as 1 to have CDS179 print a 'WINDOW' of maximum rows and columns after switching to new display format
SM08$ To Optionally passed if known to eliminate need to obtain using CDS091.
Example: Change display to wide format
CALL "CDS179",Y$,'CP'
Example: Change display back to standard (80 column) format
CALL "CDS179",Y$,'SP'
Example: Change display to wide format, and display full size window
CALL "CDS179",Y$,'CP',1